I never thought I could get so exited about file synchronising and backup software, but I just did… Why? Well, take a look at this:


It was like Christmas morning when I received my invitation to participate in the Alpha Program. I quickly installed the software on a couple of machines and it’s as quick as that – files flying through the router.

It’s extremely secure too, according to BitTorrent who say,

BitTorrent Sync synchronizes your files using a peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol. The devices you setup to sync are connected directly using UDP, NAT traversal, UPnP port mapping, and a relay server. If your devices are on the same local network, BitTorrent Sync will use your LAN for faster synchronization. For better security, all the traffic between devices is encrypted with AES cypher and a 256-bit key created on the base of a Secret – a random string (32 characters or more) that is unique for every folder.

Its simple software that just works! If I were you, I’d check out the Alpha program before they start charging fees for this service.

And even after I thought all of my dreams had come true, there’s more… You can also use this on your Mac, Linux and even your *drumroll*… NAS device. One word: SWEEEEEEET!


In our video production service, we are creating very large files. This software has been specifically designed for large files like ours. It enables the seamless transfer of these files between our video editors on our film projects. What a huge bonus to be able to share and collaborate across our teams by using automatically-updating files on all of our machines.

Excellent release, thank you BitTorrent.