VR Demo

VR Pollinate

A VR game for children.


VR Tiger

A sensory VR experience set in the jungle with a tiger.


VR Air Traffic Control

A VR air traffic control room to show clients about the company and to run different air traffic control scenarios from the tower.


VR 3D Property Explorer

A VR addition to a web based house extension builder that loads in building configs and allows you to change assets, textures and environments on the fly.


VR – The Lift

A VR user guided journey through the Dorset Creative office and some sensory VR experiences.


VR Santa’s Sleigh Ride

A fun interactive VR game for school aged children where they can deliver parcels from Santa’s sleigh.


AR Wine tasting

An augmented reality application made for Barclays to use as events for premier customers.


VR – Virtual town planning user feedback

A 3D representation of a new town layout that will be used to get key stakeholder feedback.


3D web view – https://vimeo.com/465442796/f151f5137a

Dorset Creative immersive overview – https://vimeo.com/374252352/d667dbcb36