Top 3 reasons you should invest in a mobile app

Mobile phones might not have become a must have item until the 90’s but since then they have developed and grown fast. Today more than two-thirds of adults own a smartphone and more than half use 4G to connect to the internet and that means businesses have an opportunity to grow their business and connect with their customers through mobile apps. If you’ve yet to invest in your own app offering now could be the time to get on board and embrace the benefits it could bring.

Even small businesses can benefit from investing in an app, however, many mistakenly believing that they should be left to larger companies or within certain sectors. When developed and utilised correctly, a mobile app can reflect your business’ core values and act as a call to action for both customers and potential customers, helping to drive your business forward in the digital age. Despite the myth that apps can be expensive they don’t have to be. Of course, large, complex apps can be costly but it’s possible for small businesses to create a fully functioning app that shows off their services and products without having to fork out large sums.

If you’ve yet to be convinced that your business could benefit from launching its own mobile app these are our top three reasons to invest:

Top 3 reasons you should invest in a mobile app

1 – Create a visible marketing channel

Mobile apps allow customers to access your information and brand at a time that suits them, being permanently visible means an increased chance of customers looking at your offerings. While websites offer 24/7 accessibility too, smartphone owners spend around four-fifths of their time using their phone on applications. Creating an app that can act as an effective marketing channel can translate into a positive return on your investment and, unlike traditional marketing methods, you can update it to include your latest promotions and products.

2 – Build your brand and recognition

Your brand is an important part of your business and can improve customer loyalty. A mobile app should contribute to the awareness of your brand, building up recognition, and helping you to engage with customers through a new channel. The more you connect with customers and boost recognition the more likely you are to turn potential customers into someone making a purchase and keep your customers coming back.

3 – Develop a sales platform

From creating a simple brochure of your products to developing an immersive experience that links to services, apps can act as unique sales platforms. Apps give customers a convenient way to browse and make purchases anywhere and you can use your platform to alert customers to the latest updates, offers and events in a bid to entice them too.