Simulation Technology

Dorset Creative develop virtual, augmented or mixed reality software platforms for simulation to engage users in immersive content.

We work with our clients to create a concept; we make the 3D assets and then we program the scene in Unity or Unreal ready for deployment.

We develop for HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Quest and Rift, Google Cardboard and Microsoft Hololens. If you are looking for a different way to deliver 3D content, check out our custom hardware page.

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Virtual Reality Development

What is Simulation Technology?

The term simulation indicates an artificial representation of a real-world process of an existing or proposed system. A simulation may be performed through constructing a physical model, a staged rehearsal, game, or a computer graphics model. Simulation technology is a dominant tool because it delivers a process which enables various plans or policies to be evaluated (which may be time-consuming or purely impractical to perform) to ensure the correct strategy is put in use.

What is the Purpose of a Simulation?

The purpose of a simulation is to discover the underlying mechanisms that control the behavior of a system. Simulations can be used to predict how a system will advance and respond to its environments, so that you can identify any necessary changes that will benefit the system to perform to its greatest ability.

Simulations can be a cost-effective technique to train staff in particular industries and improve their performance within the role. For example, healthcare involves acquiring clinical skills through premediated practice in addition to general workplace skills. Research has showed us that medical simulations are a beneficial training method which has been found to enhance clinical expertise at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, teaching students the ability to priortise tasks under pressure.

What are the Advantages of Simulations?

A simulation can be used when a real system cannot be engaged because of inaccessibility or danger. A simulated setting provides the delivery of controlled environments under a variety of circumstances including uncommon or high-risk scenarios.

Using simulations as a method of training provides the option for analysis of trainees. A simulation can be paused to allow discussion of techniques and alternative approaches.

Simulations provide highly flexible techniques for answering a wide range of research questions. It enables researchers to understand behaviours and interactions of all the high-level components within the system.

How can Dorset Creative help you?

Dorset Creative have been working in the world of simulation for the past 5 years, building an exceptional team of Unity3D developers, 3D artists, 3D animators and C# specialists.

We have mainly been working in oil well drilling and medical simulation and we work with experts in their field as the source of knowledge to build the mathematical model to simulate real life situations on-screen, in mobile, Virtual Reality or Augmented reality.

Case Studies

Virtual Reality Air Traffic Control

In this project, we developed a portable solution that would allow our client to demonstrate the size and scale of their training simulators anywhere in the world. As well as creating a Virtual Reality “sales floor”, we also developed a waiting room that could be filled with client testimonials, sales collateral and overview videos. This software had two modes, one that would allow a user to explore the scene on their own, or an “instructor” mode that allows a sales person to control where the user was and what they were seeing in the scene.

Oil Drilling Simulation in Unity

Dorset Creative have been creating and programming assets for oil drilling training and simulation for the past 5 years and the majority of developments include creating a suite of 3D assets and then developing a user interface that allows a user to train how to drill oil wells on various oil rigs.

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