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With the expanding popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile app development has become a widespread medium of software creation. The creation of mobile apps obtains much of its foundations from traditional software development which is intended to employ the unique features and hardware of mobile devices 

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How can Dorset Creative help?

We aren’t only experts in mobile app development, but in the whole staged process from idea generation, specification and design, to iterative development and quality testing. Our experienced team work in an agile way, releasing iterations in short cycles, gathering feedback and improving the software until we achieve the results you desire.  

Whether the app is for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, we can develop specifically or develop to cover all devices with a responsive design. So, what is our development process?  

  • First, we work with you to write your app development specification 
  • We put together pricing based on the app development specification with an estimated timeline  
  • We then build and test the app until we meet the requirements of the app specification 
  • You will then test the app against the specification and any modifications can be made 
  • The app, once finished, can be uploaded to your app stores and you can release it to the world 

Launching your app is the beginning of the journey. Our app development service will build your app with full analytics tracking so the downloads and user behaviour can be observed in real time. This enables you to work with your customers needs and create an app that is tailored to their preferences.

Mobile Application Development Process

Research & Prototype

To create early prototypes, we run a workshop to explore the full extent of technology and the client specification criteria. We can then plan the design, UX & UI.

Develop & Iterate

Once the research has taken place, our developers and UX team work on the user journey and UI that will be implemented in the build phase of the project. The back-end development is then incrementally improved, ready for testing.

Test & Deploy

After developing the software, our quality assurance team work on front and back end testing before releasing a completed build ready for client testing. Final features based on client feedback are then integrated, and a launch-ready product is built.

How much does an Application Cost?

Simple apps can cost as little as £3000 and games can cost over £200,000, so to get a better idea of the costs for your proposal, fill in the form at the end of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We hate the hard sell and will not give you one, so rest easy and get in contact. 

Simple apps:

A simple app with potentially up to 4 screens and serves one basic function can range from £1,000 to £7,000. Simple apps don’t store any data about the user or about the previous uses of the app. 

API or database apps: 

App storing information on the mobile device or interfacing with a remote server increases complexity. Serving data on the device authentication, or syncing data between multiple devices would expect to cost between £5,000 and £30,000.  

Enterprise apps: 

A typical business app where users can access information using the app via any device or web-browser. The app will possess several key features and the user interface will be heavily customised and branded to the organisation. These apps can cost £30,000 and upwards.  


Not surprisingly, the wide range of game apps can vary in price from £7,000 to £200,000. 

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