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Dorset Creative can help you visualise, build and integrate your data from many sources into Microsoft Power BI. This will allow you to combine, examine, visualise and share data within Power BI, Microsoft Teams or external dashboards or software.

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What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform providing business users convenient tools to combine, examine, visualise and share data. Power BI allows users to connect to their data from a wide variety of data sources which has the ability to be shaped and displayed with visual tools according to the user’s needs.

Other data source examples include Google Drive, One Drive, Excel spreadsheets, big data, cloud services, onsite data, but the connections are endless. If you have a dataset, Power BI can visualise it for you.

A dashboard is formulated where a 360-degree view of insight to an organisation’s data can be monitored and controlled. Analysing trends in an organisation enhances growth and Power BI provides built-in time intelligence features which collects large amounts of data in seconds. Data reports can be published and shared with Power BI users within the organisation.

A businesses compliance, security and privacy needs are met with a robust set of security technologies and practices. Compliance is verified by third-party audits and certifications, data is securely protected because Power BI is built on Microsoft Azure, and data privacy is protected from unauthorised persons or inappropriate access.

Power BI is included within your Microsoft 360 licence so there should not be any extra charge to your organisation to leverage the power of this great tool.

How can Dorset Creative help you leverage Microsoft Power BI?

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Microsoft Power BI Development


Dorset Creative can help you leverage the strength of Microsoft Power BI through working closely with your data team to understand your preference of which data to visualise and where that data is located. A mockup design is created by our design team to visualise the appearance of your Microsoft Power BI interface through wireframes, followed by a design draft with the ability to be shared and explored, ensuring all of your requirements have been captured at the expected quality.

Whilst design is in progress, our Microsoft accredited developers integrate Microsoft Power BI with your existing data sources, such as Office 365 document, Google Drive or MySQL databases, and they begin building the framework of the dashboard within Power BI.

Once you have signed off the designs, we will focus on making your Microsoft Power BI dashboard look visually appealing whilst ensuring it follows your brand and offers a seamless user experience for your existing customers.

Case study: Document Management

A client of Dorset Creative had 1000’s of documents for each country in the world, in a variety of languages, either stored in Office 365 or other data sources, therefore searching and locating the correct document was time consuming. Users were compelled to dedicate hours of their time searching for documents and, at times, found one tailored for a different country or in a different language. To solve this issue, Dorset Creative built a dashboard within Power BI that allowed a user to drill down to their country, region and department to promptly locate the correct document. Alternatively, a user can instantly search the 1000’s of documents with the Power BI built in search powered by Microsoft Azure.

The dashboard allows a user to seamlessly navigate between multiple Microsoft platforms with a single sign-on via any enabled web device such as a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. The user can also search the document repository using voice through Microsoft Cortana.

Case study MS: Visualising business data to help make key decisions

Community Care Opticians, an in-home optical and audiology service provider based in the UK, was growing rapidly and needed a way to obtain and understand key insights. The executive management team needed a way to get insights into its franchise’s operations through a single platform. Click here to download the full PDF Case Study.

Case study MS: Streamline and speed up data discovery

As a platform that enables instant access to data, the automation under the hood of the Discovery Hub results in greater access, speed and agility with data. This allows organisations to simplify the process of preparing data for AI services such as Azure Machine Learning (ML), thereby reducing the time it takes to model and ultimately to operational the results. Click here to download the full PDF Case Study

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