Delivering Better Software Solutions

Delivering Better Software Solutions

I’m sure you’ve heard, or experienced, stories where a product is delivered but doesn’t really do what you expected. It’s not uncommon in the software industry to find projects that fail to deliver against expectations even if they technically meet the brief.

What’s also common is cost and time overruns on development projects as the end customer and development team only collaborate at the end, once the bulk of the product has been built.

One of our quickest and most successful projects has been with Skore Labs limited. The team at Skore bring their own tried and tested methodology for process discovery which accelerated development time and greatly improved communication. While it focuses on process discovery it works extremely well for product too as most product are designed to support our business processes.

The Skore approach engages end users right at the beginning and asks them to describe how they work in the context of the wider business. The output is an easy to read integrated model that describes the key requirements for the user to achieve key objectives.

The single model is shared with the users and the development team providing a clear description of what the user expects to be able to do. The development team then define specifications and user stories from that same model.

Throughout the project changes may be required and these can be made in Skore then shared, communicated and agreed between the users and developers. The development team builds tests against the model to ensure the product delivers the expected outcomes.

The Skore discovery approach is built around a simple and fast process visualisation technique that is easy to understand and easy to read. Mapping out the product is extended to include the wider business processes to ensure the right outcomes and the right context. Different lenses are used to ensure other aspects are considered such as how decisions are made, what roles are required, what are the rules that need to be applied and so on.

This not only leads to a product that more accurately meets the needs of the users, it helps to deliver projects quicker and allows the product team to identify additional value add features that delight the users.

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