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Dorset Creative conceptualise and create engaging, interactive software and hardware. Alongside static installations with longterm (5+ years) support warranty cover, we create mobile and remote products to enable our clients the flexibility of transporting the product globally, if necessary. We also make software for personal mobile and tablet devices and virtual and augmented reality and we can integrate devices with hardware to increase user satisfaction, functionality and accessibility. We optimise existing systems using current best practices in the digital and tech industries.

Concepts and hardware specifications

Our 3D artists use their experience, knowledge and creativity to propose ideas for the housing of a product. Our in-house tech specialists then suggest the most adept hardware needed to bring the software to life. This can be in the form of:

  • Custom-built computers from military grade components
  • Multiple screen controllers
  • Touch screen monitors
  • Large format monitors in HD, 4K or 8K
  • Input devices such as joysticks, keyboards or custom-built training simulator hardware

Once a design has been approved, we can move into a prototype phase where the hardware can be made using low-cost materials, cut to precision on a Trotec laser cutter or printed in a large format 3D printer. Any electronics will be prototyped with Arduino or built straight into the enclosure.


Once the prototype hardware has passed usability tests, the next phase will be to create the production enclosure, electronics and hardware ready for use. Depending on the complexity of a solution, we would build this in-house or use one of our trusted partner professionals to build the final version.

Support and maintenance

Along with supplying the hardware, we will deploy custom software to ensure a product stays up-to-date, sends device analytics, can be remotely accessed to diagnose any issues and allows for quick repairs.

Hardware examples:

Robotic Medical Simulator

The simulator guides the user through the process of performing an operation whilst being assisted by a medical robot to increase accuracy and precision. The simulation robot has six degrees of freedom with forced feedback to assist the user when performing the simulated operation.

The user is able to repeatedly perform all tasks as though they are using the actual equipment and performing the actual operation, but without the need to practice on real patients or expensive donor bodies.

As part of the training simulation they get a score to show how well they have done in terms of precision and expected success of the operation if it had been real, and outputs around how they can improve their performance to heighten their results next time. The robotic medical simulator should be used in conjunction with a large format screen.

Dorset Creative also have a portable training simulator designed for use by the general public to experience a taster of what it is like to perform an operation with a robotic assistant. This less complex version contains a few challenges and scenarios which are guided, rather than giving the un-medically-trained user total exposure to the full medical simulator, with the extent of freedom and complexity that the original would present. This enables the general public to have a positive user experience, increasing accessibility to this exciting new techn and allowing the general public to begin to understand the impact on health services of this developing field of technology and the new opportunities which are arising from it.

Museum Exhibit

This hardware and software piece originated from a brief to create an engaging edutainment software package to run on a large console in the ‘Museum of Natural Science’ in Houston – Texas, USA. The product needed a lifespan (and support agreement) of 5 years as it is in an exhibition running from 2017 – 2022.

The interactive software enables users to experience different oil drilling operations as a total novice. The experience needed to create a positive user experience for general public users as well as users who have detailed knowledge of live technology in the oil drilling sector.

Users select different drilling operations on various oil rigs and run through simple user journeys guided by information on-screen and visual cues to assist them in the operation of machinery. In total, there are 12 operations that vary from drilling, crane operation, stand building, emergency disconnect and tripping-in. Alongside this, there is additional information on another screen to enable users to read about the subject to gain a deeper understanding.

The product uses a combination of large format screens, a VWall controller, touchscreens, resilient PC hardware and a joystick to give the user a realistic experience through interaction which works in the same way as the live technology does in the field.

Interactive Tables

Our interactive table can come in different sizes, but we recommend at least a 55″ touch screen for an optimal user experience. The interactive table can house many varieties of software and can be used as a sales tool at exhibitions or in a showroom to allow users to view data in an interactive and engaging way, e.g. to build the specification of a vehicle or to explore maps.


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