We are constantly innovating.

We believe we are here to demonstrate your opportunity with technology, to expediate and enable your digital transformation using our technical knowledge and application. Our vision is to use technology to change the world – and we believe our people are the key to doing this.



We are invested in having the best people, each with an unrelenting passion that’s fuelled by their technical curiosity and boosted by their own resounding talent. They are brilliant collaborators, working with you and your users to recommend and create technology which is fit for purpose. Making a significant change (for the better) is our main agenda.


Working with agile project management methodologies, we create a transparent, controlled and reliable process, with deliverables you can count on. We are committed to building your trust and confidence and we spend time learning about you and your ultimate vision, so we can show you the way to get there. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you that feels easy and makes you inspired.


We will place a team of creative technologists around you who will push the boundaries of your vision, using their expertise and technical know-how. They will bring you opportunities with the technology, using their expert capabilities and skills to ensure their recommendation is achievable and realistic. You will have a dedicated project manager, who will collaborate with you to ensure what we release to your users is timely and done based on what is most important.


Our digital transformation services are unique and varied. They’re tailored to your requirements, working closely with you to identify what’s coming up in your market. We’ll help you envision the future, so that you can be ready for it – and lead it.

  • Software, Web & Mobile App Development: Developing enterprise software for cloud, mobile and desktop applications.
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality:  Developing new and emerging technologies with a commercial or educational applications, for total industry disruption.
  • 3D Modelling:  Creating 3D models / assets for use in Unity or Unreal for AR, VR or simulation applications.
  • Multimedia Design:  Working with brands to design user interfaces based on UX principles & cutting edge animations.
  • Technical, Digital & Design Resourcing: Consultants, Engineers, Testers, Developers, Web and Digital Communications staff and Designers to resource your digital projects and / or business as usual operations.
  • Website & Hosting: managed and cloud services, security services, web design and implement, resourcing, training, support and maintenance.

You can read more about our digital transformation services on our Services page.


  • Unique and personal, providing a bespoke service that improves your business outcomes
  • Intellectual Property to accelerate transformation
  • Wide range of service options to suit your every need during the process
  • Experience from a large client base, including the big brands from the public and private sectors
  • Credible partners and associates, which will save you time and support your overall transformational goal
  • Continuously focussed on your professional goals and objectives

For more information, email us on hello@dorsetcreative.co.uk or call us on 01202 237899.


Digital transformation is not clearly understood. It’s a confident and undeniable change that avoids failure from inefficient use of digital technologies and from not keeping up with an evolving marketplace.



Digital is simply technology that connects people and machines with each other or with information.



Transformation is an entire change, scaled across the whole business. It’s a highly positive step that glistens every component – from finance, purchasing, human resources and operations, to technology, sales and marketing. It’s not just a big change like a restructure or a merger. A transformation is undeniable – strikingly visible from outside and in.

The world of business is always evolving. To gain a competitive advantage, successful businesses keep up with this high-speed progression. Businesses need to go through transformation when they neglect to evolve.

Transformation is driven by changing consumer demand, changing technology and changing competition. Businesses can become stagnant in their proposition, might have seen a trend change or a customer shift. New technology might be available – or new ways to use existing technologies. Realigning their focus onto their customers, a transforming business can change and adapt with them, to revolutionise internal components and technology – mapping their route to lead the market. Dorset Creative will help you do this.


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