5 signs your business could be ready for a digital transformation

If you’re operating in business you’ve no doubt heard of digital transformation but if you’ve dismissed the need to get on board and make changes you could be putting your business at risk. Embracing the digital can bring businesses increased opportunities and benefits but failing to implement a strategy could mean falling behind competitors and ultimately failing as others around you evolve.

Digital transformation is about effectively applying digital technology across all aspects of the business, from marketing on social media to making product decisions based on big data. Even once you’ve embraced and embedded digital tech into the core of your business it should be viewed as a constantly developing process that considers the latest developments and how to apply technology to solve problems and streamline operations.

If you notice these signs within your business it could signal that your business should be undergoing a digital transformation to thrive:

digital transformation

1 – There’s no one driving the digital strategy

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a chief digital officer that is driving your strategy but you do need someone to be the force behind it. If you don’t it can result in a fragmented approach or changes that are needed being delayed or not being implemented at all.

2 – Your website is old and unresponsive

Whatever sector you operate in it’s likely that your customers are online and connected through smartphones. Whether your services or products are available online or not, a modern, responsive website is a key component to driving sales and generating leads, without it you’re likely to fall behind.

3 – You’re not connecting with customer digitally

The digital age gives businesses a unique opportunity to connect with customers and it’s a tool you should be taking advantage of. From a social media presence and blog updates to marketing emails, creating a digital connection is a brilliant way to build up brand awareness and loyalty.

4 – Decisions are not based on the data you’re gathering

Businesses today collect a huge amount of invaluable information but if you’re not using the information it could hamper your progress. Utilising the information to understand what your customers want, their habits and much more means you can use the data to make informed business decisions supported by statistics.

5 – Digital technology isn’t embedded in your strategy

Digital is having an impact on every aspect of daily life and this should be reflected in your strategy. Embedding technology throughout your business means you can take advantage of the latest developments and stay at the forefront.