What is 3D modelling and animation?

With the progression of web technologies that allow us to create immersive 3D experiences within a browser, and developments in VR (virtual reality), AR (Augmented reality) and MR (Mixed reality), it is essential that we can create realistic, great looking assets to use in all of these environments. Our artists create 3D models in Maya that can be used in different mediums like web, mobile gaming or VR.

As part of our extensive virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and simulation work using Unity3D and Unreal, we have built a talented and experienced team of 3D artists who can take your ideas, schematics, images or videos to create accurate lifelike models that we can use for different experiences.

Alongside modelling 3D assets, we also rig and animate them to bring the 3D world to life.

3D modelling examples:

Add a gallery of loads of 3D models we have done.


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